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6.2: Navigating the Robotics Shop/Tunnel

If you have not already been in our shop, let me tell you, the layout of the Robotics Shop (or really, a backroom tunnel area repurposed into a workshop) can be a little confusing. Let me elaborate on a few key parts of the shop area. As you walk in, on the immediate right is an old robot that has been repurposed as a coat rack, while on your left, there is the chromebook cabinet as well as the table that has our 3D printers. Right next to the 3D printer table is the Electrical subteam's workspace, which they primarily use to store robot batteries and their soldering (saw-dering) equipment. Right across the tunnel from this is a few whiteboards used primarily by electrical and coding (mechanical has a whiteboard in their area, which I will get to shortly) to plan stuff. Continuing left of the whiteboards, you have the wooden work table that mechanical uses for hammering stuff, and behind that is another cabinet, which acts as general storage for the team (mainly for past games objects, as well as leftover food and drinks that are non-perishable). From here, the rest of the shop is designated for the mechanical subteam, featuring many machines that help them build the robot (band-saws, a CNC machine, and many other machines that you can ask mechanical to explain). After this, you are pretty much at the end of the shop, and that's really it.