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1.1: Your First Sketch

By now, you have probably opened up your first document, and have been left wondering what to do next. Fret not, for I shall guide on your first sketch. Click the button aptly labelled "sketch" to start a sketch. Select one of the three planes in the workspace to act as your sketch plane. Normalize yourself to that selected plane by mousing over it and pressing the n key on your keyboard. From here, you can start sketching any shape that you wish to sketch, using lines, squares, circles, and a variety of other shape creating tools to create any polygon that you would desire. Before moving on from your sketch, you should also know that you need to give any line a dimension, that is, define how long in inches a line is. You can click on the two-way arrow button at the top of the workspace or press d to activate dimension, and once you do this, click on the line you wish to define the length of, type in the length you want the line to be, hit enter, and voila, the line now has a defined length. Two notes, one; if the dimensions you have given cause a dimension to always conform to one length, the dimension tag that pops up will appear grey, meaning you do not actually have to define this length; two; if you define something with a dimension that does not need to be defined, or you give something two different dimensions, everything in the sketch turns red and you need to fix the sketch in order to change the colors of the sketch back to normal. Other than that, that's everything you need to know to start your sketch, but as you will learn in the next lesson, there is one other tool you will use generally in sketches to help, and that would be constraints.