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0.3: Navigating and Organizing Onshape

After you have set up your account, you should now be at the home page for Onshape (to double check, there should be a blue button in the top left corner of your screen that says "Create", if this isn't there, you are in the wrong place). From here, you can create CAD Files and Folders to your desire, but there are a few things I would recommend you do once you get here. One, click that Create button and create folders for personal CAD documents and work/school related CAD documents. Two, yell (politely, the team lead is a human too) at the CAD lead to invite you to the Robotics CAD file. This will (hopefully) be promptly shared with you in the tab labelled "Shared with me", and from here, you can access the robot's CAD related details. Third and finally, congratulate yourself, because you now have your CAD account, and we can begin to actually explore the wonder that is Computer Assisted Drafting.